Shipping Costs

Shipping & Your Order

Whether shipping Globally, within Europe, within the UK or to the USA, we ship everything according to the individual order and destination.

ALL purchases made are shipped together as one parcel, so just the ONE delivery price at the lowest rate.


IF you have forgotten something and want to add to your original order before it is shipped, absolutely no problem.

We ship usually within 24 hours unless extremely urgent, so have time to add items!


If you have a particularly large order or delicate or valuable item, this will be handled by arrangement, as indeed we like to treat all our orders.



The starting point

Multiple Keyrings (10)

Multiple Needle Cases (3)

Party Felt Bags



The average cost for multiple items

Multiple items up to a fixed size and weight

Playmats (2)

Toy Buckets (4)

Knitting Buckets (4)




For larger multiple items

Glass Vase (large x 1)

Cot Cover (6)

PlayMat (3)

Keyrings (100+)

Knitting Bucket (4)



For larger bulky orders and heavier orders up to 20kg!

Perfect for multiple mixed items needing excellent protection from breakage as well as for large mixed orders which are bulky…up to 20kg

delivery image
treejam delivery image