Selling and Sellers Policy


When listing an item, you agree to comply with the rules for listing and selling on which comprises practices and a policy as follows:
1. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of description and imagery as well as its legality for being sold and transported to the seller.
2. Your listing may not be visible or immediately searchable by keyword or category, as all submitted items are checked for conflict with other sellers and accuracy and/or further requirements. There is no guaranteed time for listing as each and all are handled individually, however, a 72 hour period is averaged.
3. have the discretion to remove any listing that does not conform or that violates any of’s policies.
3.1 may update or revise data and policies to supplement, remove, or correct information you have provided and, if your listing uses catalogue data that has been revised, those revisions may modify your listing accordingly.
4. Listings may appear under various categories and keywords based on certain factors such as listing title, location, description and price. We are pleased to add new categories and primary home page links when appropriate. These are subject to change depending upon accepted sellers and their locations.
5. Sellers may not use Meta Tags or codes within their listings without the permission of The use of links to alternative websites, seller blogs, seller websites, social media or any other external link, is permitted with the permission of under the agreement of Silent Waters LLC (Wyoming) and includes the “We Sell at” logo.
6. Sellers must provide an accurate rate of shipping to the destination of the buyer, including that of insurance and tracking where available, or signed for services where available.
7. Sellers must provide an accurate description of their item/items.
8. Sellers must provide accurate images and must not use stock or copied images from third parties.
9. Sellers must comply with any and all regulations which may be applicable in their country of selling.
10. Selling of mass-produced items as handcrafted is not allowed and such items when found will be removed, unless so specified and/or at holiday periods to satisfy demands, and stated/shown not to be handcrafted.
11. Returns of unique artwork when described and imaged correctly are NOT returnable nor refundable due to its very nature of being unique and not available nor suitable for shipping back and forth with the risk of damage.
12. Returns of handcrafted items when described and imaged correctly are NOT returnable nor refundable due to its very nature of being unique and not suitable for handling and shipping back and forth.
Policies 11 and 12 are placed in order to protect honest sellers from buyers wishing to use creations sold on for events and parties before returning as “not required”. It is impossible to expect an artwork on canvas, card or paper, to be packaged, shipped, opened and then handled, only to be packaged again and returned. Such actions have resulted in irrevocable damage on numerous occasions and cannot be permitted. This policy is made 100% clear to both Sellers AND Buyers and is made available to be understood clearly before any sale is made. Many Artists and Crafters could not exist if forced to return items not “wanted” for whatever reason, with the exception of damage due to the handling of Postal Services, Couriers and / or any other delivery services used (claims must then be made by the buyer from the delivery service used, or by the seller if specific insurance was used. This varies from country to country and state to state across the world and must be managed by the buyer and seller direct).
13. Sellers may be required to respond to inquiries about their items and orders and agree to respond to email requests within 48 hours of making such enquiries.
14. Sellers agree that and all subsidiaries, owners, and shareholders thereof, have no responsibility or liability for sales made, delivered or costs and prices agreed with a buyer. remains the platform through which sales are promoted and made. helps Crafters and Artists to sell and promote their creations in a world of mass generic production!  Our policies are in place to help sellers and buyers understand clearly what they are agreeing to sell and buy and accepting that it will not be possible to return items unless otherwise stated and at which time it would be at buyers cost and subject to examination upon return prior to any refund. It is understood, accepted and agree to prior to listings and selling that this policy is accepted in full and binding. may expand to offer commercially produced items for specific events and/or purposes / and/or requests. Such items will be accordingly and clearly listed. may expand to offer vintage items for specific events and/or purposes / and/or requests. Such items will be accordingly and clearly listed. may expand to offer supplies and stock for producers and individuals alike in connection with arts and crafts. Such items will be accordingly and clearly listed



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