About Us

Hello and Welcome to TreeJam.com

For years we travelled to Craft events and Art exhibitions around the world, visiting many artists and crafters that were unable to exhibit for various reasons of cost – distance – disability and transport. A major and common problem which we found, was that talent and creativity were often lost in a world where recognition and sales were becoming increasingly impossible amidst mass production in uniformed cellophane and card boxes.

It could be argued that artists…true artists, still remain in that same world where appreciation, recognition and value only become found once they are no longer alive! Unless of course a critic announces that a pile of bricks, a butchers window, a dot on white canvas or an electric spark is suddenly art! Or indeed if a billionaire purchases a collection previously denounced, making it immediately collectable.

Yet amidst all such absurdities…exists countless of artists and crafts creators working each day to produce and make a living.

TreeJam.com was established with the simple purpose of providing a platform through which to promote and sell all manner of handcrafted items.
TreeJam.com offers both producers a site on which to sell and promote their items, as well as new and existing customers a site to search when looking for that certain unique and handmade item without the ‘Made In China’ label.
We aim to include all manner of hand created items, from pin cushions to jewellery,
 keyrings to cot covers, paintings to cards, glassware to table-dressing, play mats to ethnic art and much more…
We appreciate that many items listed may become sold out. However, as most are unique, it is rare for identical items to be produced unless as sets, this is only to be expected.  We do however maintain excellent relations with listed producers and encourage anyone to email Treejam.com direct for all enquiries including commissions.

We were determined that TreeJam.com would be as simple as possible for all those seeking to submit their works for inclusion, a process which we manage constantly…and a process designed to be free!

We look forward to welcoming new customers as well as creators.