Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register before shopping?

YES…You will need to register to be able to buy.

This is required for both your security and ours,  as well as the smooth operation of your purchases.

Registering can be done either at the start (which is the simplest) or at the checkout stage. You cannot complete payment without registering.

From experience using various devices and mobile phone service providers, it is best and quickest to register at the outset.


What if I forget login details?

When you register, you create an account on

If you lose or forget either your Password or your Username, you will need to simply open up the accounts page from where you can reset and regain your login details.

Shopping and Muliple Buys?

Once registered you can shop freely and with confidence either by using the category blocks, the menu or using the SHOP button.

With over 1,400 items on our site, you can either get to see a mix of items or keep using the categories or indeed use the menu section from the top left of the page.

Items are always being added, so please do look around.

We will keep your cart active for 60 minutes just in case you have some questions but don’t want to risk losing your items to another buyer.

With most items being totally unique, as well as being of great differences in weight and value, we want to ensure that your cart retains your shopping until you have all the information needed to complete checkout.

Many of the crafters do produce on commission, so please do contact direct with any questions or queries you may have.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is always at the lowest price and maximum security

We shipped to 38 countries whilst running Treejam in Beta. Each had differing value and possibilities for shipping.

ALL items are sent via courier within mainland UK unless otherwise agreed upon via email.

ALL items are available for single shipping at the lowest single rate. i.e 50 keyrings, 10 playmats, 10 cot covers and 10 toy buckets will ship at the same rate as one parcel.

Paintings are shipped according to value and destination.

Heavy delicate items are shipped according to size.

Due to the variations and value differences, we always ask for registered users to kindly ask about shipping in advance if possible.

On occasions, deliveries have been made in person by the artist and crafter.

All deliveries are made requesting a signature upon delivery service and including insurance.

International destinations are usually, but not always shipped to using Royal Mail.

Please contact Treejam for ANY deliveries worldwide.

We will always give the lowest price that we ourselves are given by the courier service.







What methods of payment are accepted?

Paypal has been the preferred payment method with which most credit cards can be safely used.

What payment security do you have?

Our site is HTTPS secured, payments are covered through Paypal and does not release payment to the producer until the item/items have been received safely.

Why don't you ship to my country?

We do not ship to some countries out of necessity.

Some countries remain unsafe for a variety of reasons from wars and conflict to inaccessibility of delivery services and credit card payments cannot be accepted nor deliveries made to these.

Some countries are known for their major fraud and criminality online and therefore cannot be shipped to unless alternative payment methods are used.

Can I get a refund?

Please read Terms and Conditions of Use and associated site policies.

Refunds on Art and Craft is not available as each item is unique and cannot be replicated.

Furthermore, paintings are never sent on approval or on loan, but as a final purchase.

In past experiences of artists, they have found their works, be they paintings, vases, sculptures, tapestries or soft decoratives, being used during exhibitions, events and parties, then sought for returns.  Furthermore, whilst we can be assured of our handling and shipping methods, we cannot be assured of any handling once delivery is made.

We must abide by the wishes of the artists and crafters selling on, and have made these conditions very clear on our Terms and Conditions of Use policy and associated policies.

Goods damaged in transit can be claimed for refunds or similar replacements if available by the producer.

We are pleased to confirm that shoppers accept this policy openly and with understanding. We do suggest that all pictures are carefully looked at and that any questions be emailed to in order that they be answered pre-purchase. Both the producers of items and are happy to respond to all questions ASAP.

Paintings and Drawings

We are pleased to be able to confirm that ART in the form of paintings and or drawings are genuine and that no fakes or imitations are sold.

We hold the image registrations to all art and even original crafts in a secure format with dated secure-tabs.

Original art is at times produced by the artist in the form of numbered copies, cards, and other such popular product forms. All such formats are produced by the artist and or their agents.

All original art copyright is retained by the artist, their agents or their estate unless otherwise and specifically stated.

Art pieces which are delicate and valuable will be delivered by arrangement.